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Welcome to Avelinos Tapas Y Vino, Hamburg, Germany.

denise justice - artist

denise justice / bull / 50 x 50 cm

denise justice /sevillanas tanz (dance)/ 50 x 50 cm


Food is Delicious!

 Restaurant Voted 5 Star !

denise justice/ maria flirting/ 50 x 50 cm

Avelino with Denise

In Hamburg - come visit:

Avelinos Tapas Y Vino

Katherinnen Strasse 31
Hamburg, Germany
*next to the famous Katherinnen Kirche(church)

This was a smoked filled grey, brown kneipe
(dusty old bar). 
Not any more..

All paintings and mural are original,

 created by Denise Justice.

All Art created on this website by and exclusively representing Denise Justice. Thank you.

All rights reserved. Copyright 2000 - 2014  Art by Denise Justice
Denise Justice Studio & Fine Art, Mailing: 2336 SE Ocean Blvd. #319, Stuart, FL 34996
www.DeniseJusticeGallery.com     Email: info@denisejusticegallery.com    Tel: 772 219-0078